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Quarterly Landscape Maintenance Services
The absolute best way to keep your landscapes and gardens looking and functioning their best year round is to subscribe to EHS Horticulture's Quarterly Maintenance Service. This comprehensive program not only provides the ultimate tune-up four times a year, based on seasonal needs, it also offers economic benefits. As a subscriber you get four in depth consultations with Ted Sheldon along with the appropriate actions needed for your specific property. By addressing all issues involved with pruning out of control shrubs and trees, fertilizing and mitigating insect and disease problems you actually save money by not letting issues get out of hand plus you are guaranteed that your landscape plantings will look their best and perform the way they are supposed to all year.
Quarterly Benefits
  • Four personal consultations a year with Ted Sheldon to evaluate your property's current condition and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Most cost effective method of maintaining property's well being year round.
  • Keeps property from getting overgrown and looking unkempt and saves money by not waiting to address issues all at one time.
  • ‚ÄčEnsures that all shrubs and trees are fertilized and pruned at the right time of year to optimize their growth habits and maximize their flowering potential.
  • Addresses all disease and insect problems before they can decimate your plantings, sometimes taking years to recover before they return to health if not treated properly at the right time of year.
  • Fertilize, overseed and treat lawns for weeds, insects and diseases to keep them at their peak performance.
  • Being a Quarterly Service client assures that you are on Ted Sheldon's personal schedule four times a year for inspection and that all seasonal important landscape duties are done at the right time!¬†