E. H. Sheldon Inc.
P.O. Box 191285
Atlanta, GA 31119
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Weekly & Bi-Weekly Landscape Maintenance
E. H. Sheldon Horticulture offers a full array of landscape maintenance services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on your specific needs. Maintaining lawns, shrubbery, trees and hardscapes are only the beginning. Professional hand pruning, fertilization, insect and weed control and overseeding of lawns are just a few of the things we do. When that extra something is needed to make your outdoor areas look their plushest, we are there to help.
The very best way to ensure maximum functionality and beauty in your landscape is to subscribe to EHS's QUARTERLY LANDSCAPE SERVICES program. Click the link to read more about the benefits both horticultural and economic for your landscaped gardens.
So, if you are tired of the common mow, blow and go approach to landscape maintenance contact EHS to see what we can do for your residence or small business property.